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Aniela Williams

I've always enjoyed making things for people, whether it was cooking, baking or sewing...creating things has always been my passion.


  Inspired by my mother, father and grandmother our Sunday dinners had a huge influence on me.  Those weekly dinners were filled with love, laughs and what else…Dessert!!!

As time went by and alot of life changes, I started baking for my co-workers.  To me this was my therapy, my "Cake Therapy"! So whether I was happy or sad, this was the one area I could have a creative outlet.

Around 2005 family, friends and co-workers would say, why don't you do this full time!! Although this was and still is challenging for me, I sought out to at least make this a part-time business. So as of 2015, now this little hobby, has turned into my little "Sweet Obsession"!


Thank you for visiting Sweet Aniela's!

"Where the sweetest gifts are made"

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